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port let art was born in the Goto Islands in 1978.Since childhood, He have enjoyed the colors of his work under the influence of his father, a calligrapher, and He has grown up in touch with art naturally. Expression and life are united, such as alienation and loneliness, frustration, hope, nature of the island, openness on the beach, insect catching, fishing, hill climbing, band practice using cow hut, etc. by life on the island Grew up in After that, 1998, Seattle in the United States. 2008, moved to Montreal, Canada, and has been creative.


based in Fukuoka,Japan. release music and make an Event and show.We do accept unsolicited emails with links to your audio. Any audio files or other information you give us access to will remain strictly private and confidential. Do not send any files (audio, images or other) as email attachments – these will be trashed. If we have further interest, we will contact you. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of demo inquiries, we cannot respond to every solicitation. A lack of response from us implies no judgment about your music; there are hundreds of reasons why we might fail to follow up, and it is nothing personal.


Design paper media in general. In addition, T-shirs designs and prints are produced from one sheet. Currently, I teach design for people with disabilities and provide art support. Have experience with restaurant flyers, business cards, and brochures for companies. Please feel free to contact us.


All created products will be sold online. Please see this shop site for sale.GO TO SHOP In addition, we accept production requests at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I am fascinated with the task of converting thoughts and consciousness into three dimensions with sounds and art. I think it's a very lucky thing, because it's like a grand adventure like exploring the universe.


Focusing On What Feel the excitement right now

The port let art divides the brain into three elements to form an active area.

One is creation. Production. To express.

The second is promotion. Producing, directing, forming an area to output.

The third is conversation with the subconscious.


We regularly upload port let art TV. You can now watch an ambient session video with Gregory Sullivan, a musician from New York.



For all questions, comments and sales inquiries,